Yes you can - with kanban!

  • 5 reasons for their popularity in project management
  • How visualisation improves work efficiency

Geographically dispersed teams on multiple projects and co-workers on the move? As if traditional project pains weren’t enough. Today, new challenges, owing to an increasingly fragmented workforce, call for new and better tools to increase collaboration and enhance overviews of project status.

The solution? Digital Kanban boards, a board-and-post-it-note concept that’s spreading rapidly in project management. What’s driving the growing popularity? And more importantly, what’s in it for you? How can visualisation be used to improve your team work efficiency?

Quench your thirst for knowledge; get inspiration from our insightful whitepaper. To download whitepaper, fill in the form. You can also read more about Projectplace's support of digital kanban boards here.

Language: English
Author: Mattias Hällström

Mattias Hällström, founder of Projectplace International, is passionately interested in human nature and its implications on social technology.

Hällström continues to apply the learning and insights gained to the project collaboration software his company has created. It is a work in progress, under constant refinement, probably one of the best of its kind out there today.

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